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Who are we ?


For the last 16 years, we are the supplier of nation’s top rated vegetarian restaurants, vegan stores, institutions…etc.. Offering the very best, and natural vegan products, coming from the highest quality soybeans and Shiitake mushrooms. Vegetarian? Vegan? You do not eat pork, or beef? You have an allergy to seafood? It can be for religion, health, environment, or politic... you will always find what you need here. Please contact us if you need the wholesale price for merchant.


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 Is the Online Retail Service available?


Yes, the minimum order is $80 plus shipping. We ship every Mondays or Tuesdays; please send orders by 3 pm on Saturdays. All the orders sent after 3 pm will be shipped on the following Monday. For all orders over $300, the shipping fee is only $15. 

Can I use Mastercard or Visa to order?

Our system can now be paid by Mastercard, or Visa.


Paradis Végétarien

4381 Rue Saint-Denis
Montréal (Québec) H2J 2L2

+1 (514) 845-7174

Opening Hours

Tue - Sat: 12:00 pm ~ 5:00 pm

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