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Vegan Shrimp flavor Sushis

Sushis Vegan

Ingredients :

  • Veg-o-mix Shrimp Flavor

  • Wakame Seaweed

  • Sticky Rice

  • Cucumber

  • Wasabi

  • Carot

  • Avocado

  • Fresh Jinger

Step 1 : Preparation

Prepare the rice. To have a good sticky rice, rinse it in cold water and let soak for about 1 hour before cooking it using steam. If you can not use the steam method, you can also use the microwave : Just be sure that you have let the rice soak in HOT water before, otherwise it is going to be undercook.

*Long grains rice (like Basmati rice) are not a good kind of rice for this recipe

Then, cut all the veggies in long and thin strap.

Same for the Veg-o-mix Seafood flavor that you choosed. (flavor Shrimp, Lamb, Salmon, Cod, etc). Let the Veg-o-mix unfreeze in the fridge before cutting them.

Also let the saeweed unfreeze in the fridge, if you are using frozen one.

Step 2 : Build it

Keep the seaweed sheet on a Bamboo mat (available in grocery), and spread the rice on it. Add the cuts veggies and Veg-mix on the rice, concentrated in the same area.

With the Bamboo mat, start rolling it by keeping it as tight as possible, but without pressing to much on it so the filling doesn't go out.

Cut after the cylinder that have been formed, and cut it in sushi that are about 1 inch wide. You knife need to be extra sharp if you don't want to squish your sushi.

* For a californian sushi, spread the rice on the seaweed sheet, and then flip it up side down before adding the veggies and the Veg-o-mix directly on the seaweed.

*For a Nigiri, form a little ball of rice, then add wasabi on top. Cut slices of the veg-o-mix that you chose, and add on top. If you choose the shrimp, cut it on the long way but not all the way through, so you can just open it and let it sit on top as one single piece.

To get a visual, you can find a lot of Youtube video explaining and showing how to do it. Simply switch the seafood by our Veg-o-mix to make-it vegan!


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